Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and 4. What could have been

Just throwing it out there, Half-Life 2 is still one the greatest games ever made in my opinion. I'll happily fight anyone that disagrees.

Surely I can't be the only one that eagerly sits by their computer screen every E3 waiting for Valve to drop the immortal words that we've all been waiting for the last 10 years....

"Guys.....it's here". Thunderous applause. Children weep.

Of course over the years we've come to learn that a LOT of work has been done by third party developers on both Episode 3 and 4 of Half-Life 2, with updates and reports of failed episodic releases hitting us sporadically every so often. This week GVMERS.com have collated probably the best guide we have on all the various HL2 reports and compiled them into a fantastic video.

Watch it here and cry deeply over what could have been.

I have NO DOUBT we'll see Gordon Freeman again, when and in what format is a debate however that will rage for eternity.

- Andrew Archer