The battle for Tokyo is about to commence

Chapter 1

Yama is a social pariah - 18 years old, mouthy and on a road to nowhere. While defending a work colleague from an overbearing customer, Yama unleashes a latent psychic ability that had previously laid dormant for years and is thrown head first into a world she doesn't understand. 

Pursued by Furi, an emotionally unstable hunter-killer for the tyrannical Tomo Corporation, Yama's only chance of survival rests in using her ability to discover new and more powerful allies that can aid her in her struggle to survive. 

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Chapter 2

All hell has broken loose in Tokyo. Yama, Indra and a group of secretive rebels are caught in the middle of the action as the Tomo Corporation kick-start their nefarious plan to seize control of the city.

Meanwhile, Furi and the other former students of the Tomo Home for girls will face off to see who controls the playground once and for all.

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Chapter 3

Japan is at war. As the country begins to make preparations for armed conflict, Yama finds herself some new allies and the events of the last 24hrs start coming into focus.

At the same time everything comes starts to come undone for Beanie as his gang runs afoul of Furi, the Tomo Corporation and their relentless search to find the mysterious rebel group.

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Chapter 4

There’s only one play left – assassination! Yama confronts the Tomo Corporation at last, but her meeting doesn’t go exactly the way she planned.

Bizarre landscapes will be uncovered, blood will be spilled and the strange inter-dimensional origins of the Tomo Corporation will be revealed.

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